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We’re a small, locally owned construction company founded on a passion for fine craftsmanship.

About Us

Housewrights and Craftsmen is a small, locally owned construction company founded on a passion for fine craftsmanship. We design and build custom homes, barns and renovation projects by applying our building expertise to the ideas and dreams of our clients. Integrity, experience, communication and trust are the pillars of excellence that separate us from the ordinary.

At Housewrights and Craftsmen, we strive to establish strong and long-lasting relationships that are grounded in ethics and morals. Honest and open communication with our clients is a guiding principle of our business. If our client isn’t satisfied, our work is not complete.


Our craftsmanship creates a legacy of beauty, elegance and function that generations will appreciate and enjoy.


We build strong relationships with our clients through honest and open communication.


We strive to ensure that our client’s hard earned dollars are well-spent, which is why we employ time-tracking software to manage people and materials.

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We’re dedicated to craftsmanship, quality and our clients.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of the building process is planning the project with our clients. We look forward to the creativity and excitement that ensues as our client shares their vision with us, and we take pride in our confidence and ability to transform their dream into reality. 

This collaboration and attention to detail follows the same process whether we are working with a home-owner, an architect or a client who already has a set of plans.

At Housewrights and Craftsmen, we view every project as a custom project, regardless of the budget. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel, a new horse barn, a cape from stock plans or a custom-designed home, we take the time to identify the unique character of each project. We listen carefully to the goals and expectations of our clients, and we never lose sight of our responsibility to maximize our client’s investment in every detail of the project. Ready for a transformation? You can put your trust in us. 

About Chuck

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Communication is still the heart of project management.

We are always available to respond to clients’ questions, concerns and requests.

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The Building Process

At Housewrights and Craftsmen, we manage all aspects of construction from the foundation to the roof. We use our own skilled workers along with pre-qualified subcontractors we have used in the past. These are proven contractors we can count on. As a result, our clients can be assured of getting quality workmanship and fair prices from our staff and from reliable local firms.

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It’s never too early to start planning. At Housewrights and Craftsmen, our job begins during the earliest conversations with our clients. We are committed to guiding our clients through each step of the process. This is a time of creativity and excitement for the client…and for the builder!

We also provide the same attention to detail when working with an architect or when using an existing set of plans.

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We urge our clients to gather pictures from decorating magazines and books and to collect material and color samples that reflect their tastes and ideas. By talking with our clients about their needs, their desires and their means, we help them articulate their vision for the project. This helps provide the broad strokes for the project and the inspiration for the final design.

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The next step is the preparation of a set of building plans and specifications that will bring this vision to reality. These plans are the heart of the project. At Housewrights and Craftsmen, we prepare comprehensive plans that include our recommendations on reliable, energy-efficient building materials, including the latest in “Green Design” technology and innovation.

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An affordable and realistic budget means making choices. We help our clients take a realistic look at how their goals and desires will translate into project costs. We spend time evaluating the cost-to-benefit ratio of various building materials and techniques, and we explain this information to our clients so they can base their spending decisions on reliable data.

From experience, we know that this transparency throughout the planning and budgeting process gives clients the assurance of knowing their money is being spent wisely.

Each Project is Unique.

Each project comes with a unique set of characteristics. New projects may have site constraints or other challenges such as easement or boundary questions or complicated permitting. In any case, we work with our clients to get them through this phase of the project as easily as possible.

Remodeling projects may also be a source of unexpected challenges. Existing structures, especially older homes, may have hidden structural problems that must be addressed. From years of work on older buildings we’ve learned how to deal with all kinds of problems.

We strive to complete each project in the shortest time possible without sacrificing the high quality of craftsmanship for which we are known. We work with our clients to develop a schedule that will cause as little disruption as possible in their daily lives.

Communication is the Heart of Project Management.

We are always available to respond to clients’ questions, concerns and requests. Any requests for changes in the design or the schedule are thoroughly discussed so that clients are aware of the impact on the budget and the schedule.

When we complete our work and turn the project over to our client, we want to be sure that we have gained a satisfied customer who will serve as a great reference for Housewrights and Craftsmen.


We provide our clients with all the tools they need to make informed decisions:

  • Comprehensive building plans

  • Complete blueprints and drawings

  • Comprehensive budget and schedule

  • Complete list of materials and specifications

  • Research on the most innovative, energy-efficient and “Green Design” materials

Morin House

This 4,500 sq.ft. design/build home was built using conventional framing. The exterior is finished with Hardi Fiber cement siding and rigid PVC exterior trim.

  • Location: Woolwich, Maine
  • Date: 2006
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Grafe House

A build-to-suit project using modified plans throughout, this 1,400 sq.ft. conventional frame, cabin-style home features western red cedar clapboard and western red cedar exterior trim. Douglas fir was used for the decks and doors. The screened-in porch is finished with western red cedar.

  • Location: Georgetown, Maine
  • Date: 2006
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home exterior

Maine Treehouse

This 350 sq.ft. design/build project was built using conventional framing. It features western red cedar shingles for the walls, roof and trim, and it is finished with copper flashing. Douglas fir is used for the interior flooring and deck.

  • Location: Mid-coast Maine
  • Date: 2007
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